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Fiber Optic Links transmit video, audio and data signal through optical fiber, Single channel of these signals or multiplexed signals can be transmitted using PFM(Pulse-Frequency Modulation) technique in LOV series video links, high quality video signal can be achieved, True DC signal (burst mode data transmission)is possible in LOD series data link since FSK(Frequency Shift keying) is incorporated. Three standard types of products are provided, card type ofr subrack and stand alone type or panel type for 19" rack.

OPTICAL Optical output wave length 850nm,1300nm, 1550nm
Optic output Varied with stance Option
Sensitivity (Averiage power) LFC-10 < -33dBm
Applicable fiber SM or MM
Connector ST [Option SC, FC]
ELECTRICAL Signal Bandwidth Audio : 20Hz~15kHz Video : 20Hz~10kHz Data : DC ~ 5Mbps
Signal Level Audio : 0.6Vp-p@600ohm Video : 1Vp-p@750hm Data : TTL,RS-232,RS-422,RS-485
Signal Quality Audio : 60dB Video : 55dB Data : 10-9 BER
DG, DP <3%, <3
POWER Input Voltage 110,220Vac(Select, Specify)
Input Current 0.2A@110V, 01A@220V
INDICATOR Power, Video, Audio, Data
DIMENSION W*D*H 483 * 220 * 44 (Panel type) 128 * 198 * 35 (Card type) 128 * 189 * 25 (Stand alone type)

* All products are plug and play (No adjustment up specified length)
* High quality signal transmission using PFM
* No EMI/RFI problem in the transmission line
* Maximum transmission length upto 120km without repeater
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