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1. It minimizes heat damage by the constnat heat according to the infrared ray heating and the spray method of heat wind.
2. It has a wide range of PCB transferring by chain conveyance with small pins.
3. It generates and excellent profile of the temperature.
4. It has curtains on the ceiling, in the exit and entrance gates to maintain the constant temperature in the zone.

Applicable PCB Size Min 50W X 50Lmm X max 250W X 330Lmm
Thickness 0.61.6mm
Component Height Upper Max 20mm
Lower Max 20mm
0.61.6m/min, Normal Standard Speed 0.61.0m/min
Construction PRE1 Upper Heater 6KW(0.6 X 10)
Lower Heater 2.4KW(0.4KW X 6)
PRE2 Heater 3.6KW(0.6KW X 6)
PRE3 Heater 3.6KW(0.6KW X 6)
PRE4 Heater 3.6KW(0.6KW X 6)
Reflow Upper Heater 6KW(0.6 X 10)
Lower Heater 2.4KW(0.4KW X 6)
PCB Cooling Upper Fan 60W(10W X 6)
Lower Fan 20W(10W X 2)
Cycle Fan Fan 250W(500W X 5)
Drive Motor 90W
Oven Open/Close Dry Air
Painting Color Cream
Dimensions 3,950 X 10,302 X 1,446H mm
Net Weight Approx. 1,500Kgs
Air Supply 5kgf/ 10Nlit/min
Power Supply 3-phase 220V 60hz 27kw

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