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The auto soldering machine, ITM-101H is a machine designed as to improve soldering productivity of long lead P.C.B. It maximised the soldering productivity making pass through specified nozzle kept by 25m/m stabilizing solder-wave and resulted in a marvellous high quality soldering goods.

กแ Dimensions : 2,850(L) X 1,100(D) X 1,450(H)mm
กแ Productivity : 2880 sheets/8hours(Length : 200m/m)
กแ Applicable PCB size : 50-320(W)m/m
กแ Lead Length : Max 25m/m
กแ Solder Capacity : About 380kg
กแ Temperature : Max 299กษ presettable
กแ Heater : 12kw
กแ High Wave : Max 25m/m
กแ Preheater temperature : Max 200กษ presettable
กแ Heater : 7kw
กแ Flux capacity : Capacity ; 15L, Foaming Type Fluxing
กแ Conveyor speed : 0-2.4m/min
กแ Air pressure : 5kg/งฒ
กแ Power source : AC220V+/-10% 20kw

กแ Input Conveyor : Speed Control Motor Drive
กแ F.D.C. : Auto Flux Density Controller
กแ Spray Fluxer : Pulse Type Spray Fluxer
กแ Output Conveyor : Urethan Ring Belt C/V & Cooling Fan
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