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1. TSA-S sequencer is so much speedy and stable to assemble electronic parts as much as possible
2. A cycle rate of up to 25,000 components per an hour.
3. 30-stations modular sequencing system can be expanded up to 360 stations.
4. Optical sensors detect missing components as both component leads are checked by two sets of sensors, accurate sequencing is guaranteed.
5. The center of component body can be precisely held by centering finger to gets its efficiency during insertion process as much as possible
6. 99.97% reliability

กแ Cycle rate : 25,000 components/Hour
กแ Configuration : Control Module : Dispenser Module : 30 Dispenser heads / Module * Expandable up to 360 stations
กแ Distance between Tapes : 52mm
กแ Dimensions : Base 30 stations :3,400W X 960D X 1,750H mm
: Option 30 stations :1,520W X 960D X 1,750H mm
กแ Machine Weight : Base 30 stations : 795kg (Control Module + 30 station)
: Option 30 stations : 375kg
กแ Electrical Demand : 200/220VAC, 50/60Hz, Single Phase, : 3KVA

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