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1. It allows to insert in high speed(about 0.104Sec/Component) and realizes it's investment effect as much as possible.
2. Insertion rate is 34,500 components/hour based on dual head and includes table move of 0.025mm.
3. Insertion reliability is more than 99.97%
4. TSA-Va applies AC Servo system to be prompt and correct in speed and control.
5. Power Rotary Table
6. Missing Lead Detection
7. 5mm Tooling

Insertion Rate : 34,500 insertion per an hour with Dual Head
Insertion Area : 457.2mm X 457.2mm(18" X 18")
Accuracy : +/-0.076mm
Maximum Board Size : 508 X 482.6mm
Axial Lead Components ; Body length to 28mm maximum : Body diameter to 10mm maximum : Wire diameter 0.42mm minimum to 0.91mm : Larger wire diameters available
Axis Drive : Closed loop AC with optical encoder feedback
Axis Programming : 0.001"(0.025mm) increment
Axis Speed : X and Y : 13.7M per minute
Insertion Pitch : 522mm(0.025mm Unit)
Electrical Demand ; 200/220VAC, 50/60Hz : 2.5KVA Single Phase
Air Requirements : 6.3kg/, Air flow 1,170L/minute(Max)
Machine Size : 2,400(W) X 1,770 (D) X 1,885(H)mm
Machine Weight : 850Kg

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