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1. Designed to automatize any kinds of dedicated type manual Bare Board Tester.
2. Using "Screen-Touch"L.C.D monitor control system made by Japan "OMRON" company
3. Available to design program using English, Japanese or Korean to show on the monitor following customer's requirements.
4. Using Servo-Motor with controller linked with P.L.C made by Japan "OMRON" company.
5. Equipped and programmed with self-diagnosis system to show on the monitor.
6. Compatible with any dedicated type of fixtures.
7. Easy setting of the fixture and convenient management and repairement of the fixture to be available

Test Capacity : 102416,384
Test Item : Open/Short & Insulation
Open/Short Threshold Value : 5()100(k)
Insulation Value : 1(k)100(M)
Test Voltage : 50(V)300(V)
Size of PCB Under Test : 500mmx600mm
Computer : pc 80586
Power : AC 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz +/-10%
Ground Voltage : Under AC 3V(rms)
Compressor Spec. : 68kg/
Ambient Conditions - Temp./Humid. : 1035, Under 60% relative

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