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Automatic Multi-Head Inserting machine, Model : Mulserter-200, is designed to insert Eyelet Pin,Gripper Pin, Round Pin, Lug and odd shapped components into PCB in accordance with insertion program made by program generator(Model : EH-Scale) or machine itself. The customer can manage the usage of head tools selectively with the combination of three different kinds of Insertion Head according to his production schedule. The main elements of this model are machine itself & PCB feeding system, and the machine consist of insertion head, clinch unit, X-Y Table, positioning unit, component feeding unit, LCS system, PC and electric parts. This model has advantage of reliable performance & low noise & economical usage with the simplicity of mechanical parts and easy operating system.

กแ Applicable PCB Size(L X W) : Min:100X80(mm)/Max:460X360(mm)
กแ PCB Transfer Direction : L <-> R
กแ Insertion Speed : 0.29sec/component
กแ Table Speed : 22.5M/Min
กแ PCB Loading Time : 4 sec
กแ Components Kinds of Insertion Applications : three kinds
กแ Component Feeding Method : Bowl or Reel Feeding
กแ Clinch : Quadrisection/Hexasection
กแ M/C color : White Gray or Blue
กแ M/C dimension : 2210(L) X 1195(W) X 2100(H)mm
กแ M/C Weight : 950Kg
กแ PC For industrial Usage ; Pentium MMX 223 : DSP Card, Disk on Module(8M) : 15" Color Monitor
กแ Air Source : 5-6kgf/cm2
กแ Air Consumption : 656Nl/Min
กแ Electric Power : 220V+/-10%/50-60Hz/1.7kv
กแ Temperature : 10'C-35'C
กแ Humidity : 30-70%
กแ LCS Automatic Coordinates : Correction system by Laserbeam

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